Mirrored and Mirror Bedside Tables

Buy Mirrored Bedside Tables Online - Low prices - Huge Choice!

My-furniture.com.au hand-finished mirrored and mirror Bedside table and tables are simply breathtaking, with clean lines and attention to every detail, these mirrored and mirror bedside table and tables will compliment any size or shape of room.

We have a superb range of different styles of mirrored bedside tables. We have european size mirrored bedside tables and Australian size mirrored and mirror bedside tables. Our mirrored bedside table and tables come in a variety of styles, we have mirrored bedside table ranges that are finished with glamorous crystal effect handles and others that have an angled drawer. The latest mirrored bedside tables we sell have a cut away discreetly located underneath the drawer.

High Quality Bevelled Mirror

All of our mirrored bedside tables are constructed using the highest quality 4mm bevelled mirror, we ensure that these pieces are cut to perfection and all of the edges are beautifully rounded off. We use perfect silver mirror, that does not have the green hue seen in inferior and cheap mirrored bedside tables and cheap mirrored furniture in general.

Smoke Mirror and Silver Mirror Finishes

Some of our ranges of bedside tables are constructed and finished using Smoke mirror glass. Smoke mirror glass has a darker finish compared to standard silver mirror and is grey by comparison. This enables the smoke finish to fit in with a broader variety of bedroom furniture and beds. It also hides finger marks to a greater degree and is becoming more and more popular in Australia

Mirrored Glass Finishes

We sell glass finished bedroom furniture and downstairs furniture products. This is often referred to as "mirrored" due to the high gloss finish of the product and its reflectivity. We offer a diverse range of colours, such as white and black.

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28 Item(s)

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