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A coffee table is the focus and centre of the living room, you relax and unwind around it, we meet with friends around it, we eat and drink at it. There is a lot to think about when choosing a coffee table, making the right choice is important. It is a perfect mix of functionality and beauty.

Choosing The Right Coffee Table

After your sofa, a coffee table is usually the next thing you would purchase for your living room. Whether you are looking for functionality or a statement piece, choosing the correct coffee table is a must. You need to take into account the current furniture you have in your living room area and what styles of table will match these surrounds.

Ask yourself these questions, does my living room have a feminine feel to it? Or does it have a rustic charm? Or does your living room have an ultra modern and contemporary style? If you isolate these things, then you can make a much better, and informed decision on what type and style of coffee table will work for you.

Accessorising And Styling Your Coffee Table

You have chosen your perfect coffee table, it looks great! However, something is missing? You need to accessorise your table. Here are a few suggestions that will help make your centerpiece stand out:


  • Natural Elements such as flowers
  • Books, not only do they look classy, but to entertain your visitors
  • Decorative items such as candles, use this to accent your coffee table and its appeal and looks


Every nuance and hue can make a huge difference to the way your coffee table looks. Different palettes of colour and shades can make or break the ambiance you are trying to create. Even the colour of the letters on the chosen books can influence the final presentation.

Glass And Chrome Stand Coffee Tables

We specialise in ultra modern and contemporary glass and chrome plated frame coffee tables. All of the chrome plating is carried out in our own factories to the highest standards. All of our glass tops are laminated (toughened) to ensure they are robust and safe.

Mirrored and Mirror coffee tables

Mirrored and mirror coffee tables can come in a variety of styles, from classic Venetian styles to the more modern and contemporary styles. These coffee tables will have either beautifully crafted and ornate finishes or ultra clean lines. Dependent upon the type of style and finish, some of the mirror coffee tables will have drawers to provide additional storage space in the living room

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