Shopping for a Cheap Tallboy Dresser in Melbourne, Sydney or Online? Consider These Factors

A tallboy dresser can be a great way to maximise the storage in your bedroom or bathroom in an attractive, space conscious way. If you are shopping for a cheap tallboy in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, then My-Furniture is the place to shop. We have a range of cheap tallboy dressers available at our Melbourne warehouse or from our online store, including mirrored dressers, wooden tallboys, reflective glass drawer chests and more.

But which style of tallboy is right for you? Which style will best match your personal aesthetic preferences, or complement the other furniture in your home? Consider the following items to help you determine which cheap tallboy to purchase from My-Furniture!

Tallboy Dresser Considerations: The Checklist

  • Storage Needs: How much clothing do you have that needs to be stowed in your cheap tallboy dresser? At My-Furniture, we have a range of different sizes available, from smaller three-drawer dressers, to taller five-drawers.

  • The Décor Theme: At My-Furniture, we pride ourselves on having one of the most dynamic selections of cheap tallboy dressers of any online retailer in Australia. Without a doubt, we have a dresser that can match the décor theme in the room for which you are buying it. Do you need a tallboy dresser for a modern-style bathroom? One of our mirrored tallboys will be the perfect fit. Or are you furnishing the bedrooms of a rustic beachside cottage or forested log cabin? In either case, one of our wooden tallboys will be a perfect match with the theme.

  • Price: All of the tallboy dressers available from My-Furniture are more affordable than you will find at most competing retailers, but our prices still run a range. On one end of the spectrum, we have mirrored, glass and wooden tallboys available for $300 or less; on the other end, we have a luxury-style reflective black glass dresser selling for $999. Knowing your price range will help you to focus your search for the perfect dresser.

Get Local Delivery of Your Cheap Tallboy When You Order Online!

Once you’ve decided which type of tallboy dresser you want for your home, you can make an easy and convenient purchase through the My-Furniture website, at Since launching our business four years ago, we’ve grown enough to offer delivery service Australia wide. All furniture ships in flat packed boxes—which means you will need to assemble your tallboy dresser when it arrives. This packaging method allows us to offer easy, convenient and affordable shipping options.

If you would rather purchase a pre-assembled tallboy dresser, you can visit our warehouse and showroom in Melbourne. There, you can see all of the products we have to offer—from cheap tallboys to bed frames to patio furniture and beyond—and arrange takeaway purchases of pre-assembled furniture. Next year, we will open a second warehouse in Sydney, with the same shopping and product pickup opportunities.

Do you have any questions about My-Furniture, our products or our delivery/pickup purchase methods? Call us toll free today, at 1800 756 416.