Step into Style, with Cheap but Stunning Chests of Drawers in Melbourne, Sydney or Online

Dressers, nightstands or other chests of drawers are more than just places to store clothes in your bedroom. A chest of drawers can say a lot about you, your sense of style and the character of your indoor space. For instance, a rustic wooden chest of drawers can lend a timeless antique feel to your bedroom, while a mirrored pair of nightstands can bring a unique and creative contemporary flare to your space.

Most mass-produced chests of drawers are cheap and drab, meant to attract a minimal level of attention from guests. In most cases, these products look nice enough and get the job done, but add little to no character to your bedroom or guest room. They are just there – nothing more.

Introducing My-Furniture!

At My-Furniture, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer a superior twist on the concept of mass-produced furniture. On one hand, we offer cheap chests of drawers (and other inexpensive furniture) with prices along the lines of what you would expect to see from other mass-produced furniture retailers. In other words, you won’t pay for our pieces what you would for a designer piece of furniture, or for a one-of-a-kind antique.

However, when you shop for a cheap chest of drawers at our Melbourne showroom, or an affordable bed frame at our online store, you will see that we have also worked hard to assemble a vibrant and dynamic catalogue of products. Our products are built to look like designer furniture or antique furniture, but come at a fraction of the price. Trust us – when friends or guests see one of our mirrored dressers or wooden dressing tables in your home, they’ll be blown away at how little you paid for such a beautiful product.

Shop for a Cheap Chest of Drawers in Melbourne or Online

Right now, My-Furniture allows you to shop for cheap chests of drawers (as well as other products) either online or in person, at our Melbourne showroom. Next year, though, consumers will be able to browse our cheap chests of drawers, bed frames and more at our new warehouse in Sydney. Even if you can’t make it to one of our warehouses or showrooms, though, our online shopping experience will be satisfactory: our full product catalogue is available on our website, and we ship to just about anywhere in Australia.

We have a range of drawer chest styles available at My-Furniture, from small three-drawer nightstands, to desk-like dressing tables, all the way to five-drawer tallboys. These three types of drawer chests, in turn, are available in a variety of material builds and aesthetic styles, from wooden to glass, mirrored to leather. Bottom line, no matter how much storage space you need, and no matter your aesthetic preferences, there is a cheap chest of drawers at My-Furniture that will appeal.

Ready to start shopping at My-Furniture? Visit us online, at; stop by our Melbourne warehouse, at 26 Green Street in Thomastown; or keep an eye on our site for news about our Sydney location’s grand opening! Call toll-free on 1800 756 416 if you have any questions!